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Thermostats are designed in a wide variety of styles and for many different applications. A single stage thermostat, 2 stage thermostats, programmable, non programmable, digital and touch screen thermostats are just some of the different styles. Your thermostat needs to be installed correctly and placed in a central area because its main function is to operate your HVAC equipment and ensure that you are comfortable where you are.

Our goal at Almax Heating and Air Conditioning is to provide you with the peace of mind and savings on your energy bill. With the correct installation, repair or service of your thermostat, which will always be setup to the manufacturers specifications, by fully trained and licensed HVAC technicians.

When you require a heating contractor, air conditioning contractor or an HVAC contractor, who can provide you with the best quality of service, repair or installation of your thermostat. Call Almax Heating and Air Conditioning, our service professionals are fully trained on all major brand names from Honeywell, Robertshaw, White Rogers, and many more.


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